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The Taste of Victory – Beating Cancer Natural Way!

“I don’t really understand how to explain this with my knowledge of physiology”, said one of the most experienced neurosurgeons in Denmark today looking at the latest brain scan of my client with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV – the most aggressive malignant brain tumor. “It looks like the tumor is gone – the only thing left is scar tissue…”

Yesterday at the meeting at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen City Hospital) the scan results showed that our team won! Perfect brain surgery for 9 month ago. Stop of chemo and radiation for 7 months ago. Ki-Kaizen program combining hardcore Buteyko with Ketogenic diet, IF/intermittent fasting, CR/caloric restriction and Hara training with daily physical exercise for lymph drain and stability for 9 straight months – with daily support of my client’s family.

Now all the symptoms of the “worst”, “uncurable” and “deadly” brain tumor are gone. My client is living normal life again…

Wow. That special day was definitely worth living for. I feel stunned. Can’t really believe it.

Despite the big experimental risks, uncertainties and hardships of taking cancer clients I will definitely go on and do it again.


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Min brændende interesse for menneskelig fysiologi er forankret i vidt forskellige områder af ekspertise som kampsport, musik og lang professionel karriere. Min kernekompetence ligger i kombinationen af fysiologisk viden om stressmekanismer og deres tætte forhold til åndedræt, muskelspænding og kropsbalance.

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